We realize that the use of multiple measurement systems (metric, decimal and imperial) throughout our site can be a little confusing. We truly do now live in and serve a global village in which very few countries still utilize the imperial measurement system (USA, Liberia and Myanmar for you trivia buffs).

For the listing of measurements on our site, we've chosen to adopt the measurement system most commonly used by our raw material vendors for each specific item. To help minimize any confusion we've created a few guides to help you convert the units and better understand how certain parts may be able to fit together.

We've also included these charts on the "Size Guide" tab on each detail page for handy reference.

The toy size recommendations made throughout our site are guidelines only. The best choices are always made based on a bird owner's knowledge of their individual bird's preferences and play style. Some larger non-destructive birds may enjoy smaller toys and small birds who are tenacious chewers may prefer larger toys.

On the detail page for each item in our store you will note the use of sizing icons as follows: Extra Small Bird ToySmall Bird ToyMedium Bird ToyLarge Bird ToyXL Bird Toy

For more information on choosing toys for your birds please refer to our article section.

Extra Small Small Bird Toy & Small bird toys Small Bird Toyare most appropriate for:

Finches (Extra Small)
Canaries (Extra Small)
Small Parakeets
Small Conures

Medium bird toys Medium Bird Toyare most appropriate for:

Medium Conures
Timneh Greys
Ringnecked Parakeets

Large bird toys Large Bird Toyare most appropriate for:

Small Amazons
Small Cockatoos (Goffin, Bare-eyed, Rose Breasted)
Small Macaws (Hahn's, Noble, Severe)
Congo Greys
Alexandrine Parakeets
Eclectus Parrots

Extra Large bird toys Extra Large Bird Toyare most appropriate for:

Large Amazons
Large Cockatoos
Large Macaws

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